Only 2% of every boy who joins Scouting will attain the rank of Eagle. That may be a statistic you’ve heard, however, it bears repeating. Scouting loses the majority of its members at the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. The problem here tends to be a large amount of insecurity, on the side of the adults as well as the scouts. Boy Scouting requires a much larger amount of independence from parents than Cub Scouting. A Den is normally comprised of Cubs of the same age, rank, and peer group, led by an adult (usually a parent) and every member is equal. A Boy Scout patrol is different in almost every way. A normal patrol brings together boys of different ages and ranks, a patrol leader and assistant, and the adult participation is troop/patrol activity is kept to a minimum. This system allows the scouts to learn about themselves and where they fit in the patrol dynamic. Being part of a patrol will lead to more independence, and ability to reason on their own, while supervised in a controlled environment. When boys are allowed to learn on their own they become strong leaders, and capable followers.

At Webelos Weekend our goal is to imitate this patrol method and provide an introduction for both parents and Webelos to the way that Boy Scouts operate. We combine Webelos from their own and different packs into a patrol, staffed with capable and trained youth. This system has dramatically increased the rate at which Webelos cross into troops and has shown that it makes them more comfortable with their new Troops.

Please download the Webelos Flyer, then go online to sign up at the Webelos Weekend Signup Page. Follow the instructions for registration and payment to ensure your place at camp!

A Class 1 personal health history form (Parts A&B) is also required for each person staying in camp. Please ensure you bring a completed Health Form with you to camp.


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